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While you may be here for a good time, not a long time, it’s still in our best interest to keep our guests safe!

For all other inquiries, please contact us!

Why a Drag Queen tour guide and not some other b*tch?

Honey, have you ever gone to a drag bar and said, " Dahm, that B*tch is hilarious, but so stupid"?  Then you went on a tour and thought, "Dahm this B*tch is soooo smart, but so boring" .... Well with Drag Queen Tours it's Hilarious and Smart, minus the stupid and boring.  Kinda like a good receipt for enjoyment

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Do I need to purchase tickets in advance?

Yes! Advanced ticket purchase is required (and recommended well ahead of your visit). DD is a hot commodity, so get it while it’s good!

What activities can I expect on a tour?

Architectural commentary, historical facts, local culture, culinary insights, and plenty of tongue-in-cheek banter!

What should I bring?

We recommend water and camera, always! In hotter months, please wear sunscreen and sunglasses! For cooler weather, we suggest layers and consider bringing gloves. If it looks like rain, we will provide you with a plastic rain poncho. But always check the weather and use your best discretion!

Are children allowed?

Yes! But please note, some tours include establishments requiring a 21+ ID.

I have a food allergy, what should I consider?

Please be sure and let us know if you (or anyone in the group) have dietary restrictions when you purchase your ticket(s). Letting us know in advance allows us to accommodate your needs!

Still have some questions, Honey?  Just reach out
I don't bite :-)

Expect about 48 hours or less response time. 

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Born in the “Jewel of the Atlantic”, Bermuda, I dressed in drag for the first time at the tender age of 5 and have been chasing that thrill ever since. Since 2013, I have been perfecting my craft as a drag host with several shows at New York’s iconic Stonewall.. in other words, a lot of experience under my belt (or shall I say dress)!

In 2014, I moved to my dream city, Paris! Oui, Darling! There, I got my first experiences as a tour guide where I spent my days parading around Versailles, le Marais, and the Eiffel Tower. I was giving it my all and entertaining the masses, darling!

But even after countless 5-star reviews, New York City was calling for my return. Back in the “Big Apple”, I realized I was longing for the titillation of being a tour guide again and that New York could certainly use some titillating! And as the French would say, Voila! Drag Queen Tours was born!

Now in it’s 2nd year, Drag Queen Tours is racking up the 5 Star reviews. So, come join the party. Where fun meets fabulous!

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