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Health and Safety Shizzle!

​Coronavirus Covid-19 Updates on Practices

As guests look to tour the streets of New York City, additional measures are in place to protect the safety and welfare of our guests and Queens.


Drag Queen Tours takes your health and safety seriously.


We have updated our procedures to help limit the spread of the virus.

New York City as this time does not require masks or 6 feet of social distancing. However, if you have health concerns or are looking for additional social distancing, DQ tours suggests wearing a mask however much you feel like it. Preferably one with glitter on it and stay as many feet away from me as you like. Just don't make me yell. Also, coming earlier in the day when it is far less busy!

Our procedures include:

Our safety measures follow physical distancing guidelines including:

Safety is our # 1 priority, we want you to be FABULOUS and be safe and comfortable to visit us (and NYC), we will be ready to take you and your family into stores, bars, parks, food places.


Even with all these measures in place, we cannot, however, guarantee that you won't be exposed to Covid-19.

  • We follow all State and Federal Safety Guidelines

  • Book Online Reservations

  • Use virtual Check-Ins and Contactless Payments

  • Post Signage Directing Guests and Staff on Proper Procedures and Practices

  • Complete Liability Waivers and View Safety Briefings before arriving on-site

  • We encourage Smaller Group Sizes and Limiting Capacity of Activities

  • Our Queens are required to wear Masks, unless asked and will if you want them to 

  • Our Guests are Encouraged to Wear Masks Indoors and Outdoors if they want to as well. and a Queen can ask then to if needed

  • Frequent Disinfection of all High Touch Areas

  • We Limit the Number of People in Buildings

  • Direct Guests and Queens to Frequently Wash Hands and/or Use Hand Sanitizer

Who does she think she is? LOL
Have some more questions or issues that need to be resolved? 

Expect about 48 hours or less response time. 

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